Monday, 13 June 2011


Hold my hand. Together we can fly high into the sky and burst through the clouds into the kingdom of Heaven. Fight through the rain, let the water slide off your back and keep going. The wind drags us down but nothing can keep us back from the sun. Break through the vociferous mists and malignant frigidity and find yourself in a beautiful world where birds fear to fly.

Milk and honey flow from every celestial orifice. We run with every seraph and cherub we find. Michael meets us at the gates, and we walk together through the clouds. We talk about life and love and living in sin. I look into your eyes and I am met with the morning sun.

We’re all searching; time’s unfolding, trying to fill our lives with meaning. We all want the rain to be gone. We all want December sunlight in our eyes. Still we’re learning how to breathe amongst the pain and suffering when all we need is peace of mind. Stop running away. You can never find what you need if you never stop to look. Beliefs are changing, but we’re still paying, power holding back the people.

All we need is peace of mind.

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