Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I needed to explore different kinds of models, different kinds of aesthtics. I will expand my casting to a much older woman. I need a model to represent Queen Herodias, Salome's wicked aged mother. I thought of finding a nice middle aged woman to be beautiful and mature, but then I realised I wanted a wisened old lady to play the role.

I have found the perfect model in my Grandmother, Pamela Plant. An actress in her youth and an artist in her later years, a raconteur all her life, she was able to give a perfect performance. So dramatic, so powerful, the exact degree of power I was looking for. She just has such a great face and is so animated when she speaks, that I also took some just of her talking to me. I set the camera on a stand and pressed it at various points in one of our conversations, she was so poorly sighted that she didn't even notice and so didn't inhibit herself one iota.

I am really happy with the shots of her as the evil Herodias, but I am equally happy with the portraits of her talking. LOVE.


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