Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Another kind of model I am excited to experiment with is those with slightly fuller figures. I work with slender young women all the time, I know what angles are flattering to them, what kind of lighting best shows off their figures, the most slimming body poses, but working with a luscious Juno of a woman would be really interesting.

I worked with my friend Lea, who has a very pretty face and quite impressive bright pink hair. Her cheek piercings are something that I have always found fascinating. She actually has quite impressive bone structure, and a beautiful jawline which was goo to work with. I think she was able to carry off more make up and costume than most girls as well, because it all just looked like part of a package. I cast her as an alternative Mary, The Rouged Madonna. I think she made some gorgeous images and I would like to work with her in a studio setting in the future.

I also found a fuller figured male to photograph as well. I'm not going to lie, I fancy the pants off this man. He's broad and carrying quite a bit of extra weight, but he also has a lot of muscle. BEEFY as they say. Literally, he makes my knees tremble. I think he had been involved in some kind of amateur modelling in his youth, and so felt very comfortable in front of the camera. I shot him as an alternative interpretation of Jesus, The Black Christo. Again, this is a person whom I would love to do some studio work with. LOVE. LOVE LOVE.


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