Tuesday, 14 June 2011


MAY 2010

Every queen, every woman wants
the big brutish fascist's boot in her face.

'As I search for a piece of kindness,
And I find Hitler in my heart.
And he is whispering
"As sure as love will spring
From the Well of Blood in Vain, oh Jew!"
And I fell into a deeper precipice
With mouths of rapists,
Jaws dropped down.
Don't punish me
For wanting your love inside of me.
And I find Hitler in my heart
From the corpses flowers grow on.'

Control me, persecute me, make an example of me. Destroy me.
Love is war. You have my heart and mind in your clutches. You have your vice like talons clamped around my skull. Your iron talons. Your eagle's iron talons.
Your heart beats a swastika against my chest.

Hitler no longer has power.
Holocaust humour is becoming more commonplace.
We aren't shocked anymore. Hitler has been reduced to a comedy costume. A melodramatic moustache and a hat. It's now just an empty image, an irrelevant truth. I myself donned the Hitler mask to attend a Halloween party, and was greeted only by laughs or indifference.
There is no period of history quite as distant as the recent past.

Hitler is part of us all now.
All he did was expose the villainy in all our own lives. We all have unreasonable hatred. We all have prejudices. We all think everyone else would benefit from our ideals. We are all monsters, and we are all heroes.
Gender is no barrier. We are all as cruel as women. Women are as aggressive as men.

We hark back to the days of Punk, where we took the image of Hitler and used it to shock. Now we make fun of the emptiness. We hold up two fingers to the disapprovers. We dress as Hitler, and we don't care. It's just a hat and a bit of paint.

We shall all destroy each other, and then there will be no world left to grieve.

The aesthetic of this shoot has evolved considerably since it's first conception. The original plan was to have a buff topless boy as Hitler with a skinny indie Eva Braun draped over him with a white background. But due to my own experimentation and the lack of willing to comply from some parties I have come up with this, and I could not be more pleased.

One of the models I used was my best friend of three years, Joseph. I adore him, and I love this shot in particular of him. To most, he's this witty, intelligent, charming, attractive man, but to me he's always funny, extreme and unafraid of appearing grotesque. I LOVE this picture, and has replaced my previous favourite.

He took me to LaRoux, I took him to Phillip Glass,

we went to McDonalds both time. We work.

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