Sunday, 12 June 2011


As there are thousands of different interpretations of Mary, including the Bellini Madonna, the Titian Madonna and the Black Madonna, I felt that she deserves more than one look, so to speak. I've decided to present her at the birth of Jesus, at arguably the most important time of her life as Queen Elizabeth the First. I enjoy the common 'Virgin' theme, both were queens, and both were inspirational.

There was also a nice marrying up of dates which made the whole thing feel right to me. My project is based on Renaissance and Baroque Italian art, during which periods Elizabeth herself was ruling England. She died during Baroque, so she would have been contemporary to people like Bellini, Caravaggio and Tintoretto. It may not sound like much of a connection, but it's the sort of thing that really excites me.

I was really pleased with the make up for this series. I think it really works well with the costume and the model's eye colour and her hair, and oh, just everything. I think this is one of the strongest series I have shot so far, and I adore it. She hits the right mark between odd and terrifying. The lighting really pleases me. I think the lack of discernible eye lashes really helps the images to look more like fine art painting for some reason. All in all, LOVE.

I am really enjoying this shot. It was originally just a test for the light, but I do really like how it turned out. It makes me wish I had experimented more with this look without the baby.

I really enjoy the expression on this last one. I also think the Elizabeth theme is less obvious, and in a way looks almost Icelandic. I think the costumes and textures work really well together in all these shots. So happy.


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