Monday, 13 June 2011


These pictures really surprised me with how effective they actually were. It was all done quite casually, I had half an idea as to what I wanted for styling and a girl in mind to play the part. Unfortunately, the girl didn't turn up, so I asked someone else to step in for her, and to be honest, thank god. I can see now that my initial casting wouldn't have been half as effective as the one I ended up with. I love everything about these pictures.

The model has very fine bones which make me think of fish. She has the skeleton of a salmon.

Another element of these pictures which I REALLY REALLY like are the healing hands of Jesus coming down from the sky. Initially, I thought to use the actual hands of the boy playing Jesus, but then I decided against it. The proportions would look off, some large clumsy male hands next to this tiny delicate face, and that got me thinking. In paintings, the hands always seem to take on an elegant, intimate feminine quality, so why not represent this by using actual female hands? I had Rachel step in to lend us her fingers, and it worked superbly. She has such odd child-like hands that the final result is oddly unsettling, yet beautiful. It's not really something that is noticeable until it is pointed out.


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