Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Revisited: GANYMEDE

JUNE 2010

Le Néoclassicisme est essentiellement un art d'un idéal.
Un artiste, bien scolarisé et confortablement familier avec le canon, ne le répète pas dans les reproductions inanimées, mais synthétise la tradition de nouveau dans chaque travail.
Par esprit de contradiction, le néoclassicisme ne cherche pas à recréer des formes d'art de la terre en haut avec chaque nouveau projet. Il expose plutôt le contrôle parfait d'un idiome.

Neo classicism is essentially an art of an ideal.
An artist, well schooled and comfortably familiar with the canon, does not repeat it n lifeless reproductions, but synthesizes the tradition anew in each work.
Contrarily, neoclassicism does not seek to re-create art forms from the ground up with each new project. It instead exhibits perfect control of an idiom.


"Here the Phrygian hunter is borne aloft on tawny wings, Gargara’s range sinks downwards as he rises, and Troy grows dim beneath him; sadly stand his comrades; vainly the hounds weary their throats with barking, pursue his shadow or bay at the clouds."
Ganymede, one of the sons of Troy, est beau.
So beautiful.
Ganymede a été violé.
Two rosy nipples floating in a sea of milk.
Zeus fell in love with him, and transformed himself into a monstrous bird and abducted him.
Raped and won, he became cup bearer to the Gods.
There was never a finer mortal than the beautiful Ganymede.

I find you with red tears in your eyes
I ask you what is your name
You offer no reply
Should I call a doctor
Before I fear you might be dead
But I just lay down beside you
And held your hand
I fell in love with a dead boy

Je suis tombé amoureux d'un garçon mort

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