Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Inspiration: TOMAS FALMER

Tomas Falmer is a Swedish fashion photographer whose work is something I really admire. I first became aware of him in gay magazine Attitude where his beautiful fashion editorials were being featured. I held on mentally to one of the images he created, two young men with bouquets of flowers, and managed to track down the name of the photographer several months later.

I really like the way he photographs men together, there is a sort of masculine hetero/homo balance that you don't quite understand. I see these images and assume the models are hetero, yet the delicacy in which they are shown and styled is something else entirely. I adore him.

Information on him is hard to come by, so here is his biography from lundlund.com

Toma’s love of imagery started while he was taking an art foundation course in Stockholm , something which led him on to a B.A in photography. He then worked as an assistant for several years before moving to London to pursue a career as a photographer.

Tomas loves working on location and prefers to work with natural light where possible. This feature when combined with the graphic elements of his images gives an effortless and poetic feel to his photographs.

Toma’s editorial clients include GQ, Exit, Surface Magazine, Bon, Vogue Russia, L’uomo Vogue, CafĂ©, Plaza and Glamour. Commercially, Tomas has worked with H&M, Umbro by Kim Jones, Office, Pudel and Vision Express amongst others.

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