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Bettina Rheims (born December 18, 1952, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris) is a French artist and photographer. She is the daughter of Maurice Rheims, of the French Academy. Her sister Nathalie is an actress, writer and film producer. Her son Virgile Bramly is an actor.

In 1995, she took the official portrait photograph of Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic.

In 1998, she published, with Serge Bramly, I.N.R.I., retracing the life of Jesus in contemporary settings. Controversial in Christian circles, the book was published simultaneously in several countries (France, Germany, USA and Japan), evoking a scandal in France in particular. The exhibition is still touring in different museums in Europe.

In 2000, she published X’Mas, a series of photographs of young girls discovering their femininity.

In 2003 her book Shanghai, realized together with Serge Bramly, after a 6 month stay in the city, was published by Robert Laffont. The book portrayed the city through the images of women of different backgrounds.

In 2004 her book More Trouble, retraced ten years of her photography, mostly of famous women. At the same time her work was shown in a major retrospective, the first venues for which were Helsinki, Oslo, Vienna, Düsseldorf and Brussels.

In 2007, book "Heroines. Bettina Rheims' 2005 photo series of 50 women sporting the newest Parisian haute couture creations provides answers that range from perplexing to provocative.
Her last publication The Book Of Olga, realized in 2008 on behalf of the Russian millionaire Sergey Rodionov, was her first remittance work which portrayed his wife Olga Rodionova

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