Sunday, 12 June 2011

Planning: ST PETER

This was my first shoot with Joe since the Jesus Tests and I have got to say that I was looking forward to it. He has an aura about him that is very attractive, it's both an self assured swagger, but also a genuine niceness and willingness to work together. I did have a small crush on him at the beginning of the course. Of course, it soon evaporated, but I do still find him attractive. I think this helps completely when shooting pictures, I always find myself falling a little in love with my boys when I shoot them.

I had mixed results with these, as I suppose I knew I would. The ones that work well, work very well, and the ones that don't, really don't. Joe has an exceptional face that allows me to play with light that I just couldn't with other people. I've developed a love of heavy lower eye lids on men, and Joe certainly has those. I think he photographs beautifully, and he was the perfect choice for St Peter.


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