Monday, 13 June 2011


I feel your seraphic radiance burning my skin. I found the swan lights. It was you all along, you guiding me, teaching me, bringing me to my destiny. I drink in your scent, sailing on your ocean of jasmine and lemon blossom. And now I see your alabaster white feathers interlaced with black. Is that oil on your body, or is it your nature mixing your purity with sin? Tell me Gabriel; were you a child of Leda?

Lucifer, darkest of men, I sense your presence here too. I know that you are as intricately fused with Heaven as you are with the Underworlds. Blood drips from your horns and slides down your snowy shoulders. Your skin is made of marble, with thick black horse hair hanging from your head. I know you long to torment me; you want to taste my sweat. You again mix the dark and the light, a chiaroscuro of sin.

This is my soul. Take and eat, it will make you great.

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