Saturday, 11 June 2011


I really enjoyed the styling of Gabriel for this scene. I wanted something reminiscent of classical sculpture for his first contact with Mary. I had read up on some Angelology and remembered from my preferred greek mythology that celestial beings often can't be directly looked upon by humans, lest they burn to a cinders. So I wanted to create a 'mortal-friendly' look for Gabriel's first appearance. I gave him a mask like sheath of white make up and copious amounts of white sheets and veils with which Gabriel could be hidden from the eyes of men. There are very few shots where Mary looks directly at Gabriel for this very reason.

Whilst initially loving the set up, it was hard to decide how to edit the images in terms of colours, contrast and brightness. I found a way of making look as though it had been hand tinted (to me) but when I tried to explain and point this out to someone else, they looked at me as though I was insane.


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