Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Having now explored the very old, I shall go in the opposite direction and explore the very young.

Taking pictures of my 84 year old grandmother is a very different affair to taking pictures of my sisters' two year old children. This was a much more spontaneous affair, as I was unable to direct toddlers to certain poses or expressions. The flash gun scared them at the beginning, but they soon got used to it, and ended up playing along.

It was interesting seeing how differently their two personalities materialised. The boy was much more confident than the girl, smiling and laughing a lot more readily. He was also more open to direction, and I managed to take him to a different room to set up some more interesting lighting. I was able to get him to stand and look in the right direction, and ended up with some pleasing pictures, which I then gave to my sister as a birthday present.


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