Monday, 13 June 2011


Up until this point, all my work for this project has dealt with earthly dramas and mortal happenings. I now intend to take my audience up into the clouds, into the snowy heavens and explore the characters there.

Titian's portraits of angels always interested and excited me, and now I feel that I can explore this fully. Angels are not a thing I have ever really explored before, steering clear of all biblical mythology, I burried myself in my preferred Greek world. I think that the closest thing to an Angel that I have shot before was the young boy Hyacinthus, whom the god Apollo fell in love with, and when the wind became jealous, and killed the boy, Apollo transformed his body into little flowers.

I intend to take my audience on a celestial journey, encountering different beings before finally returning to earth. I have plans to create the Archangel Michael, Gabriel in his true form, and even the Devil. I look forward particularly to the styling of these. I have lots of ideas that I want to try out.

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