Monday, 13 June 2011



I shaved my head as an act of penitence. I have long lived a wicked life, but now is the time to repent of my sins and start afresh. I was still inebriated on Sunday morning, my parents having left me alone in the house for an entire week. I lit Red Rose incense and played loud music. Sequentia - Voice of the Blood.

I allowed the Holy Ghost to enter my body, to fill me up inside. I stood looking at myself in the mirror for a long time. All I saw was vice, yesterday's cigarette smoke caught in my tangled hair, love bites on my neck, ink stains on my hands. I longed to be pure, to be virginal again. I wanted to be Holy. I was a lamb, lost in the wilderness, looking for my shepherd, etc etc.

Scour the land with fire.
Pentecostal flames.
Destroy the evil.

Scour my body
For signs of DEVIATION.
Scalp me like a beast.

Set my hands ablaze
and pluck out my eyelashes.
Cracked lips. Paper skin.

You pluck out my eyes
And you taste my blood again.
Burn with desire.

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