Sunday, 12 June 2011


Love and loyalty. I will never leave you. I would rather see myself destroyed than to see you fall. You are a king with no crown, and I will devote my entire life to serving you. You glance at me from under your ebony lashes and I feel myself blush. I hear blood roaring in my ears. I bite back my momentary paralysis and reach out to take your hand. Your fingers feel like driftwood against my soft palm. I envy your strength. You are unmoving, unrelenting. I know you will achieve great things.

I envy you. I am weak. Sensitive skin. Men have evolved since the delicacy of Adam. Cain and Abel were hewn from rock and metal. Moses from majestic stone. Job from immovable steel. Jonah from persistent oak. And now you will go down in history and join them. I sit here and watch. I wait to catch you when you fall, but you never seem to put a foot wrong. I love you as much as I can.
I want to crawl inside you and fall asleep. Mother Jesus.

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