Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiration: TILDA SWINTON

It's hard to verbalise what it is about Tilda Swinton that inspires me so much, but that's never stopped me before. To start with, I think she's a pretty good actress. She played the lead role in Orlando particularly well, and didn't even make me cringe when she turned to say things to the camera. But her main appeal for me lies in her looks.

She androgynous to the extreme, and she's beautiful. She has been cast in several intergender roles such as the eponymous Olando where the male protagonist wakes half way through the film to find himself in a different time period and a female, and in Constantine, where she played an androgynous angel. This mastery of gender play is completely amazing and highly appeals to me. She worked closely with my beloved Derek Jarman for many years, and they produced some incredible work together, namely Edward II.

Literally, just going through a stream of pictures of her is enough to inspire me in terms of creating a look. I just think she is one of the most incredible looking women ever, almost a white scottish Grace Jones in her masculinity.

Evidently, I am not the only one who finds her inspiring. She has served as a muse to many photographers and modeled in campaigns for many famous fashion houses, including Yves Sans Laurent and Viktor and Rolf. To see her act is an impressive thing. To see her model is inspiring.

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