Friday, 10 June 2011


I need to expand on the kind of model that I use. There is nothing I hate more than looking through someone's portfolio online or in life, and seeing the same couple of faces over and over again. I think I have always been fortunate enough to have a wide range of people willing to work with me, and I hope to expand that even more with this project.

I think I have developed a strong, consistent aesthetic with the kinds of model I use. Girls: small breasted, cheekbones, slender, flowing hair, dark eyes. Boys: muscular, cheekbones, short hair, strong eye brows, stony gazes. But now, I think I need to try new kinds of model. I need to experiment with different kinds of faces.

I've vaguely researched alternative model agencies like Ugly, which represents unconventional models, old, young, fat, thin, male and female. Obviously, they have access to some absolutely great people that I would like to work with, but I don't have the money to hire professionals, so I shall do my own casting out of the people I have already worked with, or have wanted to work with. The final series will feature a mixture of my old aesthetic, and a hopefully developed new one.


These are some simple screen tests of potential models. Full frontal, close up, three quarter profile, full profile. Facial analysis.

KIT. She's kind of my ideal female figure. Taller than me, flaming hair, icy eyes, pale skin. Imposing, intimidating, powerful and as luck would have it, very experienced.

TREMAYNE. Better than I expected. I like the thin natural shape of his eye brows and how his mouth slopes down at the corners.

BRIDGET. I enjoy her look. I think she would be good for intergender roles. I like her hair, nose and chin. Good profile.

EMILE. Oddly shaped head. Column. Beautiful nose profile. Best eye brows I've ever seen. Love the birthmark or whatever it is. Rosebud mouth.

JOSEPH. Bulging intense eyes. Wonderful head shape. Good jaw. Pale semi-circular brows. Plugless droopy ears. Elevated posture. Lips.

JODIE. The hair, the hair, the hair, such beautiful hair. Nicely proportioned face. Good nose. More beautiful in life, I feel.

RACHEL. Styling. Startling. Arresting. Hooded eyes. Expressive mouth. Lovely brows. Cheeks. Lovely filtrum.

DHAMIRAH. Jaw breaker. The eyes, the lips, the nose, Maria Callas. Strong shoulders. Cat like eyes. Lush hair. Long neck.

KATIE. Piercing blue eyes. Good profile. John Travolta chin dimple. An obvious sexuality which isn't the kind that I usually go for.

DANNI. Symmetrical face. Those brows could slice lemons. Well shaped lips. Nice eye lids. Cheekbones. Versatile hair.

ANNA. Cheekbones. Heavy lidded eyes. Nicely shaped ears. Small bones. Collar bone definition. Good chin. Good heavy lips.

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