Saturday, 11 June 2011


These are my two favourite shots of these roles. I feel that they work well together, and well in the context of both classical sculpture infused with the principals of low aesthetics.


You burst into my world, wet and screaming,
Drenched the life fluid of your mother.

You were so beautiful, with skin like milky eggshells. Water cascades over your smooth face dripping on my antique carpet. Your eyes are dark and haunting, and you survey this world with a paradoxical disdain and wonder. You were the first of your kind, as was I, so together we are one. The first always has the gift of solace, loneliness gathers heavily on our eye lashes.

I watch you sleep and refuse to condemn you to eternal solitude. I sink my sharp fingers into your flesh and draw from you a single rib. I mix your blood with the dirt and dust and I fashion you a companion. You were once a hermaphrodite, but I wrenched the femininity from you and gave it its own body. Now there are two genders, constantly fighting, trying to find their way back together.

But you, you and Eve, the first, have none of this strife. You live and breathe as one. You exist as the whole being you once were.

But then you fell from grace, kicking and screaming like the spoiled infants you are. You loosed a raven onto the world, and that raven was called sin. It spreads its filthy wings so wide across the sky that it cuts out the sun, casting us all into a deep shadow.

I watched as you bit the apple, again and again and again, the ripe juice running down your chin. You turn your greedy child’s eyes to me and I see the pain inside you. You know what you’ve done and you know that there is nothing you can do to prevent it. All you can ask is my forgiveness, which of course you have.

But now we are both lost in this world. We stumble at midnight through dark deserted streets, everyone a bed, all alone in this black wet abyss. I reach for your hand and clasp it, a frail trembling claw, scrabbling to find stability in this dismal scene.
You draw blood. Taste it. I am you, and you are me. We are one.

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