Saturday, 11 June 2011

Planning: ADAM AND EVE

This represents a big step for me.
I took my practice OUTSIDE.
I took my flash gun, my model, set her up against the back wall of my house in the garden with her boyfriend, took away their clothes and made some magic.
Inspired by classical sculpture by artists such as Rodin, overgrown with Ivy, they retell the biblical story of Adam and Eve and The Fall from Eden.

Another thing that came back to me about these statues I recall, is that Adam had a large penis, which startled me. Up until that point, I had only seen thinly veiled, unthreatening painted genitalia, but this was something else entirely. It really was massive, so I shot my Adam in much the same way.

These last two shots were actually taken in my shower with the flash gun, the water running down their faces representative of the bodily fluids that come with birth, referencing the fact that Adam and Eve were born fully formed.


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