Saturday, 11 June 2011


I am used to working with artificial studio lighting, so I set myself the task of taking pictures using natural light, or light availiable to me in my house, no flash heads or spotlights. I recently re-read Woolf's To the Lighthouse and found myself thinking about the passage where Mrs Ramsay waits for that special time of day when the light shines through the window in just the perfect way. When we confine ourselves to but a few rooms, we instinctively now when the light shines the best, and we wait for that moment every day.

I waited in my own room for the perfect light, which is at 3:30 and set about capturing it in an Old Masters style, mostly dark background with central figure and a few details picked out by the bright sunlight. Here are my results, which I was surprisingly pleased with.

The first three images were shot in my bedroom with a tripod and natural sunlight. The subsequenet images were shot in my bathroom with a lighting set up that I thought was actually quite innovative (for me). My bathroom has a series of six spotlights in the ceiling, and I cam up with the expedient technique of taking out all the bulbs except one to create an atmospheric stream of bright light.


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