Saturday, 11 June 2011


This is my attempt at the so called 'Low Aesthetic' used by so many other artists, like Tracey Emin or Basquiat. This is also a style that has become prevalent in modern fashion photography, and is also a style which I tragically abhor. I understand that this is one of the primary reason why my application to LCF was unsuccessful, my work was too produced, too archaic, not modern enough. Well, perhaps I'll sit this round out and come back to fashion when the low aesthetic craze is over. Perhaps abhor, is too strong a word. I see other people do it and I am entranced, I just can't bring myself to attempt it. If I did it, I would feel that everyone could see that I was pretending to be spontaneous and unplanned, when secretly it was highly produced, like how you can always tell the difference between someone who rips their own jeans as opposed to pre-ripped shop bought ones.

This is the first Jesus test. This is my friend Kieran, who is a t university in Bristol. I met him at 6th form college and fancied him for about a year. At the time, he always wore braces on his jeans, Doc Martins and had a mohawk. When I later became friends with him, I found him to be absolutely charming company. He has an unconventional face, yet there is something instinctively attractive about it that I can't put my finger on. He has small, intense eyes, that seem mysterious and a perfectly placed nose ring.

I would definitely class him as being part of 'The New School' of my aesthetic. This was shot with a flash gun in my spare room. I made the headpiece out of dead ivy from my garden and a free hawaiian garland I received on a night out once. I gave him little direction, just a place to stand and a direction to stare in. I enjoy this picture because I enjoy his face. It's so interesting to look at. I like his head shape and his mouth.

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