Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiration: EMPIRE OF THE SUN

Empire of the Sun is a band from around 2007/8 which I really enjoyed listening to. I liked their electronic repetitive music and the way they wrote lyrics. But what impressed me most about this band is their look and their music videos.

The lead singer (whose name escapes me right now) reportedly took on responsibilty for the band's art direction and music videos. I enjoy the strange world they create and present. I like that all the clothes and props look impressive, yet slightly homemade as well, making it tangible, touchable. I think their work is beautifully shot, and they give the right levels of performance and energy for the aesthetic they are going for.

I really enjoy the singer's clothes and make up. I also really enjoy the other guy's dancing and odd face. This band's artwork has inspired me to start trying to create a world, rather than just do things in an existing one.

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