Thursday, 9 June 2011

Revisited: MOTHER MARY


This is a collaboration between myself and Beth Chequers, another art student.
Working under the broad title of "Self Portrait", she decided to break down her own personality into different stereotypes, emotions and personas, and to express these facets in a photographic series. She enlisted my help, as she was a fan of my work and visual style, and also become of some of the intimate issues of some of the images, she didn't mind being exposed in front of me not only as an artist, but as a friend.

The first image we shot that day was that of "Mother". Beth had been unsure of how to portray this, so I suggested returning to my old favourite of The Virgin Madonna, being both motherly and virginal, as our dear Beth is herself. I took a stronger hand in the styling of this one, as The Madonna is something that I have been dressing up since I was a young child, haha. In this image, in the editing, I started to experiment more with light, both real and artificial, to give it a more fine art feel, give it more of a Carravaggio edge.

Looking back at these, I do enjoy them, but I can see that they aren't perfect. The lighting leaves a lot to be desired, and in some way, so does the model, if it comes to that. She has a lovely face, but was an actress, and as such was unused to being photographed. She felt her medium was the stage, not a still image. This was my sophmore effort at religious iconography, and whilst it went a lot better than the first attempt, it's still slightly awful. I do still quite like the first one actually, the light on the face pleases me somewhat.

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